jules. {st. petersburg glamour photographer}

from the day we met (and we recently calculated that it was some ten years ago…), jules’ generous heart, her artistic soul, and her ability to make anything she touches into more, have inspired me to be more.

thank you, jules, for the privilege of your friendship.  and thank you for finally letting me photograph you again.  you are beautiful.

kate at half a year {st petersburg baby photographer}

oooooh, baby-girl’s mama might have my head for the half-a-year title!  she’s such a tiny little lady, and since we’ve technically been photographing her since before she was born, i feel a protective instinct to keep her little along with her parents!

nonetheless, as we journey through kate’s first year baby plan, my a-girl and i get to capture her growing moments, and man, do i love that gift.

here’s a tip for you:

because we’re building a book from kate’s first year sessions, we’re thinking “storytelling” as we do her sessions.  when you’re creating a wall gallery or album, try to use images with similar tones or “feel.” lots of the images from kate’s mommy’s belly session, as well as her other sessions so far, have soft golden light and pink tones.  there is also a “thread” of lifestyle, expression-filled captures that will really tell her story for her to look back on.  i know from my own children, they treasure the ability to go back and “read” the love their family has for them through photos in albums and books.  when we’re finished with her session book, kate and her parents will have a priceless treasure that captures their first year relationship and all its magic.

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